Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 266

I've done my usual five posts per week so here are some bonus ones. For painting the colors, I was just working with three layers. You can see each by themselves above. On the left, I have the bottom layer with the orange and yellow. I put both on one layer since they are separated by the white trim so I don't have to worry about them touching each other. If they were, editing one might negatively impact the other. In the middle, we have the layer for the blue skin. There're also the lines on the shell which will sit on top of the base orange. On the right is the topmost layer which is mostly the yellow detail work which appears on top of the blue skin. There's also the white lines on the back shell but you can't see them here.

Here's an image so you can see the base layer of blue and all the yellow details I painted on top of it. Below you have the flat unfolded color map. Back and front shell on the bottom, upside down head on top left, tail on mid left, legs on upper right, arms in the middle and feet next to the arms.

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