Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 262

Besides the fact that the knight is sitting on a mouse, there's nothing else to indicate that he's small so that's where the next two things come in. I wanted his sword/lance to be a needle and his shield to be a dime. I made these two objects in Maya and positioned them where I thought they should go. Then I sent everything over to Mudbox so I could move and adjust the arms so they're holding the two objects. Like I said before, Mudbox has some quick and easy tools that makes moving and posing things very easy. Next for the dime, I created a bump map and copied over a picture of a dime. I could have just painted a photo on but I wanted some depth. It looks more like an engraving than being really three dimensional but that's the best I could do unless I went in and adjusted everything by hand.

I also made a bump map for the areas of chain mail that show underneath the armor and applied a chain mail pattern.

Next I sent the shield, needle and just the hands back to Maya to make some more objects. I just sent the minimal amount of parts because Maya isn't as good at handling high polygon objects (although this model doesn't have that many, just trying to be efficient). So I made some arm loops for the shield and then a long ribbon thing for the needle. Then I sent those back to Mudbox and luckily the ribbon didn't overlap with the mouse.

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