Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 255

I continued to sculpt and increase the number of polygons when needed. At this level, I can start adding in smaller details like wrinkles and bumps. I haven't done the guns yet. I'll add those in as separate objects.

Above I'm nearing the final stage before adding the super fine details. At this point, I reached a problem with the hands and the feet. I think how they were modeled way at the start and/or how I unfolded the model for the map caused an issue there. The cursor just had a hard time registering those areas which made sculpting detail there very hard.

Now I'm at the multi-million polygon stage which is needed to add in details like the lines on the back shell. A more efficient method would be to use a bump map instead but I went with this to see how far my sculpting can go. My computer can handle it well enough but when I go to paint, it might become a problem.

Above you can see what I managed to do with the hand/feet problem I mentioned earlier. It wasn't as bad with the feet so they look ok. The hands were the bigger issue and I eventually quit in frustration. Anyway, I made more subtle lines for the belly shell compared to the back. Then I used a scale like pattern to apply onto the arms and legs. Below I also used it on the neck, however I didn't want it on the face. So I need to pick something more subtle/fine for that area. I also sculpted in some more bumps on the head. I might change the ears a bit and I need to clean up the mouth too.

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