Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 234

Now let the painting begin. I started with his pants. I painted a white base layer with blue on top of it. Then I erased some blue to get the worn look on his knees and added in some dirt. I spent too much time on the pants though because when I was done, I zoomed out to see how it looked and realized he has tiny legs and they're barely noticeable. Oh well. I moved onto his shoes making sure to add dirt and scuffs to them.

I moved on to the slingshot. The rubber bands and pouch just had a single layer of color. The wood had a pale yellow base coat. Dark brown was placed over it and fine lines of yellow painted on top of that. Then the top ends were erased to reveal the yellow below.

The sweater was a little more tricky. I had a base layer of dark green and then used a sweater stencil to paint on the lighter green pattern. The hard part was that the sweater is wider on the bottom than the top. I could have made the treading get narrower as it went up but I thought that wouldn't look right. Instead the treading is the same size all over but that meant that there would be some visible seams where one painted section met another. I tried to minimize that in the front by painting a larger continuous portion there. You can still see the seams but I don't think it's that bad.

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