Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 198

I wasn't too productive this week. However there have been some changes on a technological side. After sculpting that girl, I decided to look at what Mudbox has online similar to the online Maya lessons I went over awhile ago. Unfortunately, what I found was less like lessons and more like an instruction manual. While reading over that I came across different ways I can change how the model is rendered while I work. I've been working on Mudbox 2010 but I still have 2011 installed even though it isn't working properly. So I though maybe if I change some settings around, I could get 2011 to a working state. That didn't end up happening. However I did find out that if I take a file I saved in 2010 and opened it in 2011, the model rendered correctly and I could actually see what I was working on. So I was pretty happy since 2011 is the version I wanted to use. I still can't paint in either version but this was a step up. 2011 has a couple of new features compared to 2010. One big one is that it can generate videos. One kind is just a simple turn around shot of the model like the one below.

Much cooler though is that I can now record a time lapse video of what's on the screen while I'm working. To give an example of what that looks like, I just quickly messed around with the girl head I already made. Hopefully I'll do more of these since I think they're more interesting to see compared to a bunch of photos that don't actually show how I got from point A to point B. I just need to figure out the right settings because I could end up sculpting for hours at a time and don't want excessively long videos. I'm also switching over to embedding youtube videos because blogger can't handle whatever Mudbox is dishing out.

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