Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 194

Next I sculpted the ear which turned out pretty well. One thing about this book is that it goes over a lot of anatomy stuff. One of the authors is a real world sculptor turned digital sculptor so the book has a more artistic vibe compared to the more technical feel my other books have. After the ear, I made the hair to finish off the model. I didn't follow the book and just did my own thing for the hair. I pulled out the general shape of the hair and then drew in a bunch of fine strands of hair. 

The above left front view is a orthographic view which means there's no perspectiveness to it (the front is the same size as the back and not bigger like it would be in the real world) so it looks a little odd to me. On the right you can see the pony tail I kind of bulged out of the back of the head. Because I built this big ponytail out of this small area of the head, the density of polygons in the tail is less than the rest of the head which is why it's less detailed. I could have increased the number of polygons but that increases the file size a lot and the tail isn't that important. The egg that I made earlier had over a million polygons and ended up being a 200 megabyte file. I think this model has closer to 500,000 polygons.

There's really no great way to model the iris and pupils so they aren't the best. Overall it turned out ok. Not bad for the second thing I've ever modeled in Mudbox. It doesn't really look like the photos of the real girl but it does look like a girl so I consider that a success.

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