Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 188

Since I didn't get much done this week, I figured I could talk about sometime that's art related that I worked on about a month ago. A friend asked me if I could design a monogram for her and her fiance which would be used to make a custom rubber stamp. Both their first names started with M so she wanted it to look like an M one way and when turned upside down, it'll look like the initials of their last names W and T. Those letters work out well together so it wasn't too hard to come up with the two sketches above. I went with the one on the right because it allowed the T to be larger to match the size of the W. 

Then I drew a cleaner version of that sketch. Just half since I was going to mirror it on my computer. I took that sketch and digitized it to get what you see on the right. I made a solid black version you see here and a white outlined version. The initial idea was to create a shadow so the M would look like two M's, kind of like the very first sketch on top. Because of this, I kept the design on the simple side. However after getting it onto the computer, I made the shadow and it didn't look very good so I threw away that idea. Now with no shadow, that meant I could do a more complex design.

So I went online and looked at different types of Old English font. I picked different bits and pieces that would mesh with what I already had (I didn't want to start completely over) and sketched some new ideas. Then I took the first digitized version and edited it to include the new parts. The final product is below. I wish I could have made the top of the T a little snazzier but oh well.

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