Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 166

Now to light the scene. Above I've created three point lights and placed them on the each of the bulbs of the lamp posts along with giving them a yellowish color.

Then I turned on shadows and everything gets plunged into darkness. Unfortunately there's a lot of things in the scene that blocks the light.

Next I added a glow to each of the bulbs so they look like actual light bulbs. This glow effect doesn't actually generate any light in the scene but gets applied at the end during the rendering process. On the right, I changed the light so that they get weaker as you get further away from the source. This makes things even darker so I had to increase the intensity of the light. Now it's very bright near the bulb so there's a bright spot on the wall of the front building that I don't like.

Another light source is the moon so I created a blueish light to cast down onto the scene from above. I also made the moon have a glow as well.

Here I'm putting in a lens flare effect for the front most light bulb and below I have the finished set up.

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