Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 149

I'm starting my fourth book now. This will probably be my last intro to Maya beginner type book. It's pretty hefty weighing in at over 600 pages. However after a week, I'm through with half of it which I think is a sign to move on to more advanced things. You'll be seeing the same stuff you've seen before: making a character, texturing it, animating it, etc. All the projects in this one appear to be more related though. My last book had the hospital room and the alien which didn't really mesh. All the projects in this book relate to an Indian made Disney limited release movie called Roadside Romeo. Apparently it's about a wealthy Indian dog that ends up on the rough streets of England and tries to fit in. Anyway, first up is to make the environment.

I started with a big flat plane and a dome to represent the sky. Inside I created a simple house which I duplicated while changing their heights and widths to make this alley.

I added in some power lines and lampposts. 

Followed by doors, windows, awnings, garbage, sidewalk and then I fancied up the lampposts a little.

So that's that and here's a top view to end it.

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