Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 143

I wanted to do another side project so, once again, I used Shiu Pei's artwork without her permission (so she can be surprised when she sees the final result obviously). Unfortunately, Francine here only has a front view. I thought I could just wing it in Maya but quickly realized I needed a side view. So in Photoshop, I doodled out what I thought Francine would look like from the side while trying to keep all the anatomical landmarks at the same height. 

With that done, I proceeded to work using the methodology I learned from my last book. I started with the eye and expanded from there.

The mouth was a little tricky since it's so wide and the lower lip is so thin.

However, the cheek ended up being the hardest part since I wasn't exactly sure how it should look in three dimensions. But eventually I was ok with what I had and finished up the head adding in the nose, eye brows, eye lashes and ears.

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