Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 128

Now switching back to the room and finally making some textures. The book guided me to a website where I could download a variety of textures to use. On the top left, I have the map I made of the room.  On the top right using Photoshop, I applied some basic textures on what will be the walls, ceiling and floor using the map as the guide. 

Then I saved the textures as a JPG and imported it into Maya. Since the textures were placed directly on the map, Maya knows exactly where they should go and I end up with the room above. Now I can go back and make the textures look better. 

After downloading a variety of textures and using Photoshop, I can create the exact look I want by layering them together. Remember that the room is suppose to be part of a run down hospital. I don't want to brag but the texture I made looks better than what the author had in the book. Note that any textures that extend beyond the lines of the map will be ignored since they don't really point anywhere so Maya doesn't put them anywhere.

Next I did the same thing for the exam table and drawer above and window below. I liked the worn leather I found for the table but the rusted metal wasn't the best. So I went away from the rust and that's why the drawers have more of a scratched metal look. You can see the results on the lower right.

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