Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 125

I mapped out the room so now I need to do the same with the alien. Above is jumbled mess that I have to unravel. This represents every part of the alien piled on top of each other. I need to just take it one part at a time.

First I start with the head. I isolate that part and move it away from the rest so I can see what I'm doing. After smoothing out the face, I end up with the above left. The large strip going up from the face is actually the back of the head. I also isolated and flatted the antennae and mouth cavity. On the right, you can see how nice and uniform the checkers are on the head now while the body is still pretty messy. 

Now what I did with the head, I need to do with every other part of the body - the hands, boots, belt, arms, shoulder pads, etc. I isolate the part I want and then unfold and smooth it out. Once that's done, I arrange all the parts to fit back onto the square that will be our map. The blue parts represent a single layer and they are the parts that cross the midline of the alien's body like the head, belt and pants. The pink parts are where there's two layers on top of each other. This is for objects that are the same on both sides like the hands and feet. A single texture will be applied to both as a mirror image. The blue parts could have been pink as well but then when the texture gets mirrored over, it could create a visible seam down the middle which we don't want. Note that the checkers on the head are larger than the rest of the body. This is because the face is going to be more detailed since that's where we focus most on. Bigger checker = more of the texture going there.

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