Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 121

So I was at my parent's place for a week. My sister was visiting from LA which she doesn't do that often. So I hung out with her everyday instead of working on Maya stuff. I'm back at home now so it's back to work. After finishing the alien last time, the book gave me some homework which was to model the guy above. He's obviously a lot more complex but apparently I just needed to apply what I used on the alien just much more detailed. After not working for a week, this was a good test to see if I remembered how to do this.

Part of the supplemental material available online was a folder full of screenshots of how the author modeled this guy step by step. It was nice because it gave me a general idea of how to approach it but I didn't follow it to a tee since I knew I wasn't going to be as detailed as the author. Just like with the alien, I started with the eye.

Then I expanded out from there to do the mouth, face and strong cheek bones. Just like before, I'm only working on one half while the other half is being automatically mirrored as I work.

I added in wrinkles between the mouth and cheek, nostrils and then pulled out the ear. Overall, I think it's turning out pretty well. 

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