Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 4

Ahh, Day 4... A day that will live in infamy. So I was working on my solar system when I noticed that my rotation tool wasn't working correctly. Rotating things is kind of a big deal so this was a problem. A quick Google search on the issue gave me a few options. One was to download a Service Pack for Maya. One 1.5 gb download and install later, the problem was still there. The other likely cause had to do with my video card. So I downloaded a new driver for it and in the middle of the install, my computer crashes. Not a good sign. Attempts at restarting lead to blue screens of death. In safe mode, my computer wouldn't let me roll back to my old driver so I had to go find and download it myself. After installing that, everything was back to normal which also meant that my original problem was still there. I was pretty irritated at this point and decided to just keep going and work around the issue.

I finished my solar system but there's really isn't much to show since it looks the same as the last image I posted. I just made all the planets and moons rotate on their axes, the moons orbit around their planets and the planets orbit around the sun. I have now completed chapter 2 of my book which gave me an intro to the basics of modelling and animation. I won't see any animation again until chapter 8. So it's gonna be modelling and more modelling for awhile. Maybe someday I'll come back to this solar system and make it better with whatever I've learned. I'll make the planets look like the actual planets, add in the blackness of space with a sea of stars, put in the asteroid belt, random comets, aliens, the battle for earth, the end of humanity. Someday...

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