Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 17

So I've been spending time working on what you see above. Not exactly that impressive. Like I said before this chapter is working more with curved surfaces. It's not as straight forward as the previous chapter. There, I could see the use of whatever I was learning and how to apply that to modeling other things. Here, the book tells me to do things but doesn't explain exactly why I'm doing it. I know the general goal but it doesn't tell me why these specific steps are necessary for attaining that goal. Like the example above was a lesson in making a nice a smooth continuous object so if it were ever to be animated, you wouldn't see holes or openings pop up. However after following all the steps, there are still holes here and there that the book doesn't address. I think it may just be that it's harder for the writer to explain steps for more complicated things. I'll probably have to go over this section again after finishing the chapter.

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