Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 285

With the body posed, I switched back to Maya. Now that I can see how the head, body and arms are positioned relative to each other, I could make the hair. I did this in two pieces. There is kind of a seam between the two. It's ok on top because it looks like a part in the hair but it stands out lower down. Hopefully, after painting the crease won't be too noticeable. I could have connect the two pieces but the extra work didn't seem worth it. In the original drawing, Zephy has a poof hair on top. I wasn't exactly sure how this would look in three dimensions and since I had only one picture to work with, I just didn't make it. The hair also isn't as stylized as Shiu Pei drew but I happy with what I got.

Next it was time to make all the hair accessories. The coral and pearls weren't bad. The sheer number of barnacles was though. They're all copies of each other but I had to individually place and rotate each one so they laid flat on the wavy hair. With everything in place, it looks pretty good though.

This is my finished model in Maya. My plan is to complete it in Mudbox. There are extra details like vines that I could do in Maya but would be much easier to do in Mudbox. So instead of creating all the vines via making tubes, I can just sculpt them on the body instead. Before jumping over to Mudbox though, I unfolded the model flat. It was a pretty easy process. I learned my lesson and kept the polygon count low beforehand (I'll increase it in Mudbox and the 2D map will still work fine). Below is the map I made. There's a lot of empty space I could have utilized better but it's fine for what I'm doing.

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