Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 240

Continuing on with my book, I'm back to the lady I began awhile ago. Here is the model I was provided with. The author of the book decided to chop the body up into multiple pieces; head, hands, upper and lower body. The main reason being that the head and hands require more detail so I can increase the polygon count on those areas without having to do it to the whole body. The problem was that the book never addressed what I should do in the areas where the parts meet. The hands and neck aren't too bad but there's a huge seam running across the chest. Even more annoying, in the book's video, the author just had a single body piece and a head and said it was just easier working with two pieces. Then why didn't you let me do that too, you bastard?

Anyway, here's the result of me working on the body for the first time. She looks kind of creepy with the unsculpted face. This character is supposed to be a female android type thing from the future. She'll be wearing as skin tight body suit and be bald. This conveniently means I don't have to sculpt clothes or hair. I spent the most time on the breasts and butt because I am a perv. No, I mean I had a reason. It was because they had to be symmetrical and also had to have the right curvature. Having a nice curved surface is sometimes tough in Mudbox when you're making multiple strokes on top of each other. There is a smoothing tool but it tends to flatten things instead of maintaining the curve. After roughing out the body, I moved onto the hands. Hands are tedious to sculpt due to all the bumps and depressions on so many fingers. Luckily, she's gloved so at least I didn't have to make nails.

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