Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 228

Instead of switching back to my other Mudbox book, I decided start on a third one. The main reason was that this new book was written for Mudbox 2013. The book I just finished was for 2010 and the other one for 2011 so I just wanted to see what 2013 had to offer (there aren't too many Mudbox books out there). This new book is a little different. Instead of long lessons, it basically has lots of tips and mini-lessons. There's not a lot of visually interesting things to show and some things I just read instead of following along. So I went through the book fairly quickly. Anyway, above is supposed to be a stone tile I made starting out with a basic cube and using just a single stamp to sculpt.

In case you forgot, stamps are sort of like the brush tip I can use to sculpt with. I then went over making some stamps in Photoshop. They just have to be black and white images where white indicates where to push down and black is where nothing happens. Along with just drawing one in Photoshop, I can make a stamp out of something I sculpted. For example if I needed to make a wall full of bullet holes, I can sculpt one hole, make a stamp out of it and then use the stamp to make a lot of copies. So on the left, I made a hole and on the right is a filter that Mudbox has that shows depth in black and white. I can export that image to Photoshop, invert the colors and import it back as a stamp.

Now I can use the new stamp to make copies of the hole. Below I spent some time tweaking the material of a model. I can adjust color, the reflected color, shininess, etc to make gold on the left and glass on the right.

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