Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 226

With the model done, it's time to paint the guy. I used a skin color and covered the entire body with it.

The book provided me with a texture to apply to the skin as a bump map. The texture wasn't quite human looking. The book admitted to this but since the book's model was more monstery it was ok. I just toned down the strength to lean it back towards being more human.

After that, I lightly applied red and blue to various parts of the body to represent the blood and veins beneath the skin. It's fairly subtle but does break up the flat skin tone a little.

After doing the subtle coloring, the book told me to ruin it by putting dirt all over him. So that's what I did using a picture of dirt as a stencil. The book also provided a stencil for the eyes. My model has less squinty eyes than the book's so the yellow on black looks a little off to me. Since I was making a muscular guy, I named my file "juicer". Ironically, the book had me apply a tattoo that a juicehead from Jersey would have. Lastly I changed the material of the model so he would be less shiny.

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