Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 192

I decided to switch books yet again since I can't paint in Mudbox. This book is still focused on Mudbox, however the first few chapters deal just with sculpting so I don't have to worry about painting for awhile. The first lesson was on making a bell pepper. I started out with a sphere and flattened the top and bottom. Then I pushed in some guide lines to help me get the general shape.

With all the pushing and pulling, the model tends to get a little lumpy. Luckily there's a smoothing tool to help with that. After getting the final shape, I moved onto the stem. I used another tool called the freezing tool. This allows me to paint areas blue which indicate areas that I don't want changed so I can focus on the stem without worrying about accidentally changing the pepper.

After making the stem, I had to give a slight texture to the pepper so it isn't perfectly smooth. I did this using a stencil you can see on the right. There are a variety of stencils in Mudbox and they appear as a flat image in the work area in front of the model. Now when I push and pull, it will mimic the stencil's pattern. Below I have the final pepper.

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