Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 181

With the map complete, I exported it to Photoshop and started to paint the texture. I started with a brown color and overlaid a noisy texture over it so the colors don't look so flat. I wasn't super happy with that so I put in a leather texture to mix it up some more. Then it was a long process of painting in Photoshop and constantly checking in Maya to see how it looked on the model. Above on the left, you see the texture with the map overlaid on top. On the right is the final texture which will get put on the model.

Here are the mouth parts with their texture. This was a little hard to paint because its section was so small on the map. Each tooth was literally like a dot in Photoshop but I got it to work.

I made the glasses black and then gave the existing lens a transparent texture. I made the texture for the eyes using Maya tools. I made a gradient from black to brown to black to white to make all the parts of the eye. Then for the brown, I added a fractal pattern to get the black flecks.

Here is the model with the final texture with and without the glasses.

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