Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 172

Before moving onto my next book, I wanted to do a quick side project. I wanted to quickly model, texture, rig and animate something. So I picked a simple character: Gunther, the Ice King's penguin from Adventure Time. His body is just a smooth out cube with some wings pulled out of the sides, spheres for eyes, two half cones for the beak and some simple feet.

The feet, beak and eyes were textures using Maya's built in features. I painted the body directly in the program and then cleaned it up in Photoshop. Then I made the skeleton which will allow me to move the wings, beak, eyes, feet and overall body.

After the skeleton was made, I went around testing all the joints to make sure the body deformed properly. Then I went about animating the guy. I wasn't aiming on doing anything amazing. It was just some simple movements with a slight surprise at the end. 

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