Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 160

Now to texture the bike. In the past, I've written a lot about unfolding models so they can be textured correctly. However with nurbs, I don't have to worry about that since the texture mapping is done automatically. Problems do arise though with stretching of the texture and pinching at the poles of spheres. A checker board pattern is applied to the whole bike and you can easily see how very little of the scooter has uniform squares. Luckily though, colors will be broadly placed so it won't be too much of an issue.

Here I've placed a basic blue texture onto the bike. Then I created a gradient along the back to look like dirt. They provided textures for the seat and tires so I applied those. I tried creating my own metal texture for the hubcaps and other metal parts of the bike. I won't be sure how those actually turn out until I use realistic lighting. Right now the default lights make it look more like plastic. 

I mentioned pinching problems at poles of spheres which was an issue when placing the headlight texture on. I had to use an alternative method that I won't go into.

I placed a honey comb type pattern on the bottom where the feet go. You can see how it's more stretched near the back. The book didn't go over how to fix that though. Anyway, here's the final scooter. 

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