Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 82

Back to the wooden box. On the left you can see how the entire surface of box is reflective, even the line carvings. So I took the original photo of the box surfaces and kept just the black parts which correspond to the carvings. Using that as a guide, I can make it that those areas aren't reflective which you can see on the right.

Using the same technique, I can make those areas look indented like an actual carving. The results are above.

Now I have the final box and lamp and want to light the scene. Another method to produce light is to use an image as a guide. Here I'm given a spherical panorama of a living room to use as a light source. Any bright spots like from a window will produce light.

Then I added in some walls and a wooden table surface. The final render is below where I added the occlusal shadows like in my previous post. The box looks a little pixelated but I don't want to re-render it again to fix it.

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