Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 55

Now I'm moving onto the next area of Maya which is animation. I decided to continue with Maya's online lessons instead of going back to my book because these lessons give a good foundation and seem to have some very useful information that the book doesn't always mention. The videos here aren't the best quality. I learned how to make quick preview videos that don't look that great so hopefully I'll learn how to output some better ones. I could probably look it up quickly but I'm lazy. The above video is very basic stuff. I place the ball at different places over time and the program fills in the rest. Then some tweaks are needed to make the bouncing look better.

This video shows how one object's animation can depend on another. Instead of animating both objects individually, I have the door's height depend on the balls position. Now when I move the ball to the right, the door automatically moves up.

And lastly, I have a plane traveling along a track at different speeds and banking around the turn.  

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