Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 53

Now a soldier guy is a lot more complex than a cracker box and you can see how jumbled up the map on the right is. The trick is to learn how to unravel the mess so you can easily place the 2-D image (or create a 2-D image) and have it go where you want it to go. First off, I separated the soldier into different parts (arms, legs, head, etc). The arm was easy. You can imagine taking a sleeve, cutting along its length and then laying it flat. That won't work too well with a head though. So you can understand how there are multiple ways of unfolding these shapes and learning how to use the right one is important.

So the lesson taught me different ways of unfolding. Once I have the different maps, I can export them and use them as guides to create textures in programs like Photoshop. But here they provided me with textures so it was easy to apply onto the model.

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